Spirit Flow - Shamanic Study for Women led by Mary Newstrom, PhD

I am excited to introduce a twelve-month program of studying shamanism for women. As I have been teaching shamanism around the region, there has been an eagerness and a desire for reconnecting to nature, spirit and our soul’s purpose. It is through the creation of Spirit Flow that I offer you a program that allows you to dive deep and explore who you truly are in this life. It is with great intention and excitement that I am offering Spirit Flow to you.

Shamanism helps you deepen your understanding of your soul’s purpose and your authentic service to the world. The practices and techniques of shamanism allow us to examine our lives, to commit to serve spirit and to make a difference in the world.

The twelve-month program is an opportunity to study, practice, discuss and apply shamanic techniques in our modern lives. Some of the benefits Spirit Flow will offer you are a step-by-step guide of authentic shamanic methods that will help you lead a powerful, joyful and healthy life, living the life you are meant to live. You will work closely and develop strong connections to your Spirit Guides so that you understand and receive their messages. And finally, you will learn healing techniques that will heal yourself, others and the world. And you will learn much more…

Spirit Flow will meet every other month for a daylong shamanic deep dive class (two of those meetings will be over two days so we can go even deeper into our studies). The day will be filled with ceremony, journeying and learning new shamanic concepts and techniques you can use in your life. The months we do not meet face-to-face we will connect via Zoom Video conferencing (will be recorded) so we can stay connected. This group is perfect for women who are new to shamanism as well as those with experience.

Location: Minneapolis, MN or Eau Claire, WI. You choose

Dates for Minneapolis/ Saint Louis Park:

April 4, 2020, June 6, 2020, Aug 8, 2020, Oct 3 & 4, 2020, Dec 5, 2020, Feb 2021 TBD

Dates for Eau Claire, WI:

March 14, 2020, May 9, 2020, July 11, 2020, Sept 12 & 13, 2020, Nov 14, 2020, Jan 2021 TBD.

Cost: 149 dollars per month (options to pay quarterly or the full amount are available) This program’s full value is over 3,080 dollars, by signing up for Spirit Flow you are saving 1,292 dollars.

How to sign up: To start the process you must fill out an application. Request an application in the “Book a Session Section” of my website or email me at and I will send you an application.

Space is very limited request an application today!

~What you get with Spirit Flow~

  • 4 daylong workshops that allow you to explore the depths of shamanism
  • 2-weekend retreats to do deep dives into shamanic techniques
  • 6-hour long ZOOM Video conferencing sessions that are recorded and can be watch at any time
  • Private Facebook page for the group to stay connected and build community
  • 20 percent off any of my workshops or healings that are held at Zenith High healing studio or Rainbow Rock Reiki Wellness Center
  • Certificate of completion of Spirit Flow

~Some of the things you will learn in Spirit Flow~

  • You will work closely with your ancestors and other compassionate spirits as you develop a strong awareness of how you can best serve the world.
  • You will learn authentic shamanic techniques that will help you lead a powerful, joyful and healthy life.
  • You will develop abilities to communicate with your guiding spirits and to understand their messages to you, strengthening your capabilities to process and interpret their messages to you.
  • You will develop a strong connection to the spirit of the land, trees, and the elements to build your own spiritual strength.
  • You will learn techniques to heal yourself, family, friends, and the world.
  • And much more……………

How to join Spirit Flow 

Contact me directly with any questions or to request full details of the program and an application. You can call or text me at 952-913-5574 or email me.

Space is limited to only 14 participants at each location. Early Bird Bonus~ sign up early and you will receive a bonus of TWO Thirty minute shamanic consultations with Mary Newstrom.

The total value of this program, if you purchased everything on its own would be 3,080. By joining Spirit Flow you are saving 1,292 dollars!

More about Mary

~Guiding you along this flowing path will be 

Shamanic Practitioner Mary Newstrom, PhD ~

While seeking a spirituality that fit my soul, I found shamanism. It drew me in because of the connection to nature and the belief of the interconnectedness of the world around us.

I took my first shamanic journey in 1991, after working in-depth with my spirit guide Zenith for over a decade before that.  I have studied with shamanic teachers here in the USA for over twenty years, and I have been working and learning from indigenous shamans in Peru for the last five years.  I return to the jungles of Peru every summer to gain deeper insight and knowledge in how I can better assist others. I have a Ph.D. in Psychology along with an Integrative Wellness Coaching Certificate that gives me a unique approach to helping you along your shamanic path. 

Spirit has told me that my life purpose is to share shamanism to people that are called to it, in easy to understand terms and help them apply it in the modern world. My background is extensive in helping people travel to different shamanic dimensions and teaching them how to apply shamanic techniques in our modern world. I have been told that I present shamanic material in a simple but sophisticated way that makes shamanism accessible for everyone.

I believe that my combination of traditional education with the hands-on shamanic instruction will give you a clear and understandable experience in shamanism. We will study, practice, discuss and apply shamanic techniques in a warm and welcoming environment with twelve other committed women. Please join me on this adventure.

All my best to you on your Journey,

Mary Newstrom

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