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Spirit Flow~ shamanic study for women
Led by, Shamanic Practitioner Dr. Mary Newstrom, Ph.D.

Spirit Flow~ shamanic study is a program designed by Shamanic Practitioner Dr. Mary Newstrom, Ph.D., specifically for individuals to study, practice, discuss, and learn to apply shamanic techniques.


Mary provides a warm and welcoming environment with step-by-step training to live in a shamanic way.  Empowered by purpose, focus, and a deep connection to the spiritual dimensions, the training will clarify each person’s soul’s purpose and illuminate the ways in which they can manifest it. Students will develop deep relationships with the other students in their class as they each take on a spiritual journey, seeking to live in communion with divine energy.

We can all experience the transformative power of Spirit when we are in a state of full alignment and open to receiving messages to guide us along our paths.

Spirit Flow ~
Year One consists of:

  • Five full day workshops held every other month on a Saturday (for women) or Sunday (for men) for a full day’s deep-dive to explore the depths of shamanism.  Each training will involve ceremony, journeying, the study of concepts and shamanic techniques which students can utilize in daily life.
  • Twelve ninety-minute Sunday Gatherings, where students will connect via live videoconferencing to discuss the practices and experiences resulting from their shamanic studies. These meetings will be recorded and made available for viewing at any time.
  • One two-day weekend retreat focused on the realm of ancestral healing.
  • Six live video conferencing check-ins/follow ups.
  • One personal wellness coaching session with Dr. Mary Newstrom

Additional aspects
of the program:

  • Private Face book page for all combined Spirit Flow groups, including advanced students and alumni, allowing connection and peer-to-peer learning and support
  • 20% discount on any healings in Saint Louis Park, or via Live Video Conferencing locations with Dr. Mary Newstrom.
  • Bonus one-on-one consultation time with Dr. Mary Newstrom, including Spiritual Wellness Coaching.
  • Certificate of completion

What Skills and Knowledge Students
May Expect from the training

  • Students will develop abilities to communicate with ancestors and guiding spirits and to understand their messages. This will strengthen students’ capabilities to process and interpret divination messages.
  • Students will develop a strong foundation in journeying and ceremonial practices as they learn to create rituals to connect with guiding spirits.
  • Students will gain an understanding of how to access shamanic strong eye, also known as deep knowing or intuition.
  • Students will raise their vibrational level to attract people into their lives who have a soul connection to them, which will assist students to stay on their true path.
  • Students will manage outside energies and build spiritual protection, while gaining deep understanding of the three worlds of non-ordinary reality—the upper, middle and lower world while learning how to safely access these three worlds.
  • Students will develop rituals of gratitude through ceremony and prayer.
  • Students will build spiritual power by learning personal power songs to sing to their guiding spirits.
  • Students will learn to communicate to Spirit outside of time, gaining greater awareness and understanding of best practices that make for a successful journey.
  • Students will develop a strong connection to the spirit of the land, trees, and the elements to build spiritual strength.
  • Students will explore how to offer authentic service to others.
  • Students will develop a routine of journaling and spiritual writing to develop a deeper understanding of their soul’s purpose.
  • Students will learn how to practice spiritual lightness of laughter and letting go, while achieving a spiritual flow to find joy and meaning in life.
  • Students will have in-depth guidance from Dr. Mary Newsom in processing and interpreting the messages they receive—also known as direct revelation.
  • Students will develop a spiritual connection to nature, animals, and elements.

Spirit Flow training is appropriate for both new shamanic practitioners as well as those with experience. 

Spirit Flow ~Year One is offered over Live Video Conferencing as well as— in-person option in Saint Louis Park/ Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Optional – Continued shamanic studies with Spirit Flow. Year Two is an advanced program for those who wish to continue their studies.

Are you ready to be in your Spirit Flow?

Shamanism embraces the interconnectedness of all things: mother earth, stars, trees, animals, and wind. Shamanism is the practice of direct revelation that involves accessing knowledge directly from Spirit. In this way each person becomes their own spiritual authority.

The time we spend on earth is fleeting.  Some of the things we choose to do give our life meaning and joy, while others drain us of vital life force.

Shamanic work will grow your connection with the natural world and the web of light that connects everything. This connection empowers people to take actions, which imbue their limited time on earth with meaning. It leads to consistent states of hope and joy.  All of life is interconnected, and the conscious decisions you make to live a purposeful life ripple throughout the web of life.

Mary Newstrom, PhD, is an internationally known Shamanic Practitioner & Reiki Teacher, founder of Zenith High and creator of Spirit Flow~ Shamanic Study.  She has spent over three decades studying with unparalleled shamanic teachers in the United States. Mary also works with the Shipibo Shamans living in the Amazon basin of Peru. Her studies in Peru have enhanced the skills Mary brings to her training programs.  She holds a doctoral degree in psychology and is certified in Health and Wellness Consultation. Her commitment to the environment, animals, and the world is reflected in the policy work she has done with GLBT civil rights, environmental and social justice.  Mary is also long-time volunteer in the Master Naturalist program.

Based out of the Minneapolis, MN area, Dr. Newstrom travels extensively, partnering with other visionary leaders to deliver life-changing shamanic experiences.

Program Details

How to join Spirit Flow

Complete the online application. Applications are evaluated by Dr. Mary Newstom. Feel free to contact Mary with questions by texting her at 952-913-5574

Once accepted into the training, a non-refundable deposit of $159 is required. This deposit will be applied to the final month’s tuition.


$159 dollars per month for 11 months, plus the deposit of $159. Options for full payment and quarterly payment are available.)

  • Students will be billed monthly when classes begin.
  • 30-day notice is required to terminate participation. 
  • Additional costs may include room and board for the two-day retreat, books, and supplies.


Spirit Flow~ for women meet in person in Saint Louis Park/ Minneapolis or over live video conferencing on the following days:

April 6, 2024
June 1, 2024
August 3, 2024
Oct 19 & 20, 2024 – 2 day workshop
December 7, 2024
Feb, 2025- TBD

If this program calls to you, and you are ready to explore core shamanism with a Peruvian focus in a warm environment surrounded by other Individuals seeking the same awareness, please consider this 12-month adventure.  No experience is necessary —what is required is an open heart, an open mind and open spirit.  Contact Dr. Mary Newstrom, Shamanic Practitioner; at 952-913-5574 or mary@zenithhigh.com with any questions.

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