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Mary Newstrom  Shamanic Practitioner

Mary Newstrom, PhD

Mary is a dynamic healer.  In 1982 her Spirit Guide, Zenith, first visited her.  Shortly after his visit, she started down the path of a healer.  Zenith continues to have a strong presence in Mary’s life but she has had many other Spirit Guides join her along the way.  Complementing the Shamanic training she has received Reiki Master Level 3 attunement along with Laying on Hands training.

Under the guidance of Loui Pieper in 1999, she started studying shamanism. She has been trained as a Shamanic healer, from local teachers, in addition to spending time in Peru, connecting with indigenous shamans. She has experience with plant medicine and dieta’s in the jungles of Peru.

Shamanic Energy Healing

I use the healing energy of the Divine to be of service to individuals and assist them in healing.  The process of my healing technique is encompassing and includes connecting to the healing energy of my own Spirit Guides, as well as calling in my Power Animals, Reiki Gods, Archangels and Ascended Masters, resulting in a powerful technique that allows me to funnel Divine healing energy to you. 

Zenith High Shamanic Energy Healing
Zenith High Integrated Wellness

Integrated Wellness & Life Coach

As a certified Integrative Wellness & Life Coach I help clients become empowered to make changes they desire and help them move towards wholeness in four critical areas of life: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  In order to find balance, wholeness, and fulfillment in our lives we need to restore, grow and integrate all four areas within us.

My technique is an integrative approach, using a combination of modalities that treat the whole person.  I will help you dig deeper to find real solutions as you gain freedom from the past overcoming bad habits and patterns that block fulfillment in the focus areas you have identified. 

Shamanic Study

Shamanism helps you deepen your understanding of your soul’s purpose and your authentic service to the world. The practices and techniques of shamanism allow us to examine our lives, to commit to serve spirit and to make a difference in the world.

Zenith High Events


  • Just finished my first Shamanic Healing with Mary at Zenith High. I went in with no expectations, no agenda. Just open mind. Words are limiting for what I experienced. Lets just say everyone will get something out of a session - even if it is just deep relaxation which was amazing by the way!!! Holy rest!!! I actually commented on the fact that I was smiling after the session and there was no "reason" (no cute images of babies, no funny joke just told, etc.) It was just a lightness that made me smile. I hope you all have that experience! Anyhoo, Shaman Mary is not paying me for this plug for her business. I usually don’t share my opinions/thoughts about my personal experiences with stuff like this. BUT...I need to get this little secret in St. Louis Park out there. I will be attending the Cacao Ceremony in two weeks. I hope to see some of you there!! You know who you are...you have been waiting for something like this. Get on her schedule!! Go!!!

  • Working with a group seems to bring more energy and focus to my Shamanic journeys then the ones I attempt alone.  Having someone there to help set the intent of the journey and discussing it after is a great help in interpreting what was seen and felt.
    - Anna N.

  • I wanted to let you know I really felt a difference.  I had an argument with my husband, normally I would be saying stuff, yelling at him.  But I found I was thinking about sending him love instead.  If you knew me, you would understand thinking that would have been the farthest thing on my mind.  I felt love around me.  I know it was from my healer Mary N.  I felt love inside me.  I felt calm, peaceful.  I really feel the healer helped me so much, because I felt different from before.  And I had forgotten about the healing, so I know I didn't just assume it in my mind. The healing was really felt and I believe made a difference in me and I am very grateful.
    Thank you,
    Dorla C.

  • Hi Mary,
    Thanks for the checking in I really appreciated it. It has been an amazing couple of weeks since the soul retrieval and I feel a major shift.  My power animal has been helping me with this integration, transformation by reminding me to flow with it and be playful, I am the river, gentle flowing or rushing over the rocks.
    - JoDee S.

  • I had a very enjoyable session with Mary. She is amazing! Mary is very knowledgeable and professional. I felt relaxed and rejuvenated. As time went on, I felt a sense of clarity, focus and peace. I highly recommend Mary for a Shamanic session without hesitation. I’m looking forward to experience the other events Mary has to offer in the very near future. Thank you Mary!
    - Lisa B.

  • I experienced bad back pain and had a flight I was not looking forward to at all. Fortunately I was put in contact with Mary and booked a one hour healing session. The flight that same night was perfectly fine, almost no pain at all, it was a miracle! I’m so thankful for Mary.
    - James N.

  • Many blessings and much gratitude for the healing sent to my daughter-in-law Karen, who has Stage 4 stomach cancer, with inoperable tumors in liver and stomach.
    - Cathy O.

  • Mary,
    Thank you again for the healing last week.  I had injured my shoulder the week before and was having a difficult time sleeping soundly.   After the healing I was able to sleep through the night and woke with virtually no pain.  This relief continued on for the next couple of days and nights allowing me to feel refreshed for the first time in over a week.  The healing was fantastic!
    - Don S.


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