Summer of Exploration

As we move into the heart of the summer, the season of growth and expansion, I am spending time reflecting on my life with gratitude. I am so grateful for the opportunity to do what I love; heal, teach and connect with wonderful people.

As a child, I had an inquisitive mind and would love to read Ripley’s Believe it or Not. Filled with tales of unforgettable adventures. My Mom would gather me and my three brothers and pile all four of us into the car and head down to the local library. I would race to see if there were any new books that dove deeper into metaphysical, paranormal, or spiritual. I was a lucky kid that she encouraged me to read and explore my interests.

I had the opportunity through the books to meet people different than me, with different religions, races, and life stories. Those stories filled me with even more inquiries. Ultimately, leading me down the path to shamanism.

I have had a lot of opportunities throughout my life, and one thing that has shaped me is the chance to travel around the world. Through traveling, I met shamans in the jungles of Peru. My experiences with the indigenous shamans and the powerful messages they brought to the world resonated to my core. My love of shamanism was born.

Like my summer journeys I took in books as a child, I now travel every summer to the Amazon jungle learning more about shamanism and myself as a shamanic practitioner. I will be leaving for Peru July 7, for another extended stay of learning. This year the plant medicine I am working with is one that will strengthen my healing abilities. I will bring back home more insights, stronger healing tools, and advanced healing techniques to help my clients.

Right now, at the Zenith High Healing Studio, I am holding a Book Club & Book Study twice a month that is going over the key ideas and exercises in Sandra Ingerman’s book Walking in Light. Maybe this is a summer of exploration for you? If you want to join the book study, we would love to have you.

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If you prefer to study on your own, your local library has hundreds of books on shamanism. Whichever you decide, go out this summer, and learn something new, explore new things and lean into having a big life!